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Wilmington is an excellent place to start a new career, study, and develop.

The economy and business sectors are amazing and they offer great jobs.

The educational facilities are very modern and they provide some of the best programs.

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Plumbers annual average salary in Delaware is $60,251 - ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

New Castle County Vocational Technical School

About the School

New Castle County Vocational Technical School’s programs provide more time to acquire skills, industry recognized credentials, and on-the-job paid training and experience.

Its skill-based career instruction is delivered by professionals with years of experience in their specific programs.

NCCVTS’s partnerships with more than 400 businesses are the hallmark of our cooperative employment program.

80% of eligible seniors take part in a co-op during their senior year, earning money while also earning credit toward their diploma.

Some of those same business partners review its labs, training facilities, tools, and equipment annually to ensure they are up to date.

It offers dual enrollment opportunities that provide advanced college credits for students.

Students in some career programs can earn enough credits to enter an apprenticeship or college at the second year level.

Courses Offered

Plumbers and pipefitters install pipe systems that carry water, steam, air, or other liquids or gases.

They also maintain, alter, and repair existing piping systems, and install plumbing fixtures, appliances and heating equipment.

Workers measure, bend, cut, and thread pipes; they then bolt, braze, solvent weld, screw, or solder them together.

They install and connect pipes and fittings according to the instructions on blueprints or shop drawings and may have to drill holes in ceilings, floors, and walls, or hang steel supports from ceilings to position the pipes properly.

Good plumbers use their minds as well as their hands since accurate computing, estimating, planning, and measuring are all integral requirements for this career.

Plumbers may work for private contractors, industrial maintenance departments and the government, or they may be self-employed.

The work is strenuous and active, but plumbers enjoy earnings well above the average wage earner, and the employment is good, which makes this career area an excellent choice.

Advanced placement in a Trade Apprenticeship Program is available for qualified graduates through Tech Prep and NCCER Level I.

Employment opportunities available after high school graduation include Plumbing Supply House Worker, Plumbing Maintenance, Plumbing Helper, Sprinkler Fitting.

Employment opportunities requiring apprenticeship training after high school include Plumber, Pipe Fitter, Pipe Fitter Maintenance, Sprinkler Fitter, Commercial Building Maintenance.

You will learn all the knowledge and acquire practical skills to thrive in the plumbing industry.

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AddressAddress: 1417 Newport Rd, Wilmington, DE 19804

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