Plumber Versus HVAC Tech

We would like to compare Plumbing with HVAC, but first, we need to make a difference between these two.

A plumber is a person who works on the pipes, and the process is called Plumbing, while HVAC is a system where a professional works on every air conditioning and heating problems.

This means that the difference between the two is huge and complex.

When it comes to similarities, these two professions nowadays are the major earning fields one can enter in. But, our aim is to speak about distinctions between a Plumbing and HVAC technician.

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Salary is something that is important in any field. And being that we are experiencing the increase in demand for Plumber and HVAC technicians,  it is expected that their income rate is going to increase as well.

The average wage of a plumber is approximately $50,620 while HVAC technicians earn al little less, as their annual income is around $45000

Actually, plumbing is considered as the highest source of income.

Type of Coursework Needed

If you have a certified degree and coursework done, you can be more successful in your business and do the job well, so our suggestion is to get the appropriate training prior to getting into these fields.

There is specific coursework that an aspiring person needs to prepare for both occupations:

For Plumbing:

  • Diploma in Plumbing
  • Air, water and steam concepts should be clear.
  • Thorough with Plumbing Codes
  • Firm in installing and testing plumbing
  • Should know about the drain and waste systems

For HVAC Technician:

  • Complete knowledge of electrical concepts
  • Knowledge of air-conditioning
  • Knowledge of heating
  • Duct systems
  • Reading blueprints
  • Hands firm in soldering, welding, and sheet metal fabrication

It is all about your preference and interest in the field. If you are good at Plumbing, do the proper certification coursework. If you are good at techniques, do the HVAC certified coursework

Licensing Requirement

Plumbers need to pass the licensing procedure and forty-four states require a license for Plumbing so as to get the job.

So as to get the license for plumbers, you will need education proof, determined number of work hours experience, which vary by the state, or any other exam.

For HVAC technicians, there are also licensing procedure and you will need to provide education proof, a certain number of work hours experience, depending on which state you are applying for a license or any other exam before getting a license.


As you could see, there are differences between these two occupations, and job growth is expected for both of them.

There is very little difference in job growth expectation, as it is 12% for plumbers and 14% for HVAC technicians.

Maybe the number of jobs will determine which occupation you will decide to study for, as there are 425,000 jobs for plumbers and only 292,000 for HVAC professionals.

Whichever you choose, you will earn well as both of these fields are perfect and high salaried.

According to our opinion, it is better to choose the Plumbing occupation, due to a higher wage rate and the greater need for it.

Another reason for this is that the number of jobs is more available in Plumbing than HVAC.

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