Are Plumbers in Demand? Plumber Job Shortage

If you consider becoming a plumber, you can expect to find a job immediately once you finish your training, as there is a serious shortage in plumbers nowadays.

Maybe one of the reasons is that installing and maintaining plumbing systems for either residential or commercial plumbing needs is an occupation that requires extreme focus and dedication, and quite an amount of training which takes years to be fully completed.

There is an insufficient number of qualified workers in the field despite the growing need for plumbers and quite satisfying earnings.

The new residential and commercial construction makes the plumbing profession shortage lower, but still, the lack of plumbers exists.

In case you are in need of a plumber, you may have difficulties finding qualified professional services that can help.

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Why Is There Such a Shortage of Plumbers?

There are a few reasons why there is a shortage of plumbers.

Retiring of qualified and experienced workers

First, there were many skilled and experienced plumbers who got retired.

Furthermore, a great number of skilled workers are at an age when they are ready to retire.

So, you can only expect to get help from seasoned plumbers, who are still available but have in mind the fact that the best workers are becoming more and more extinct.

What is even a bigger problem, fewer men and women want to take their place?

Lack of knowledge in technology and advanced equipment

Another very important reason for the shortage of plumbers is the lack of knowledge in technology and advanced equipment.

Nowadays, it is very important to understand the complexities of plumbing and so as to stay current within industry standards, plumbers will have to possess advanced knowledge when technology is in question.

Actually, plumbers are working with elite computers and equipment that require more than just an expert eye and a dish towel, causing fewer people to get involved in this profession.

The complexities of plumbing are numerous and we will mention just a few, to have an idea of how complex this job is – installation codes vary, piping materials change, and walls have great plaster variances.

It is the fact that all of these factors can be a huge challenge to an inexperienced workman.

This means that a customer can be satisfied only if the job is done well, and with plumbing needs evolving rapidly and up-to-date technology and video software becoming increasingly available, finding the right person for the job can be quite daunting.

The majority of workers nowadays lack proper training, and qualified Plumbers become rare.

The place where their skills come into play is older homes that require keen attention to detail.

Lack of school programs

When education is in question, there are not enough school programs are available for this profession.

In the past, boys and girls were introduced to the trades industry and trained for apprenticeship opportunities through their school’s direct educational programs which are, unfortunately, not the case today.

Even though they attend special high school programs and vocational or trade schools, the education for a plumber position is scarce to aspiring students who want a career in the trades.

Career choice

Actually, many people consider plumbing as a profession that is not worth considering and they tend to influence their children not to pursue this career field.

This was not the situation in the ’60s, ’70s, or ’80s when kids grew up with a positive attitude attached to the plumbing profession.

After the 2008 financial crisis, the idea of “work-force education” was left behind and young people tend to pursue more popular professions, not related to trades.

Family business traditions cease

It is the fact that many years ago, plumbing was considered a heritage profession, and family plumbing ties were very strong.

However, they are not as popular and many people do not decide to proceed with their father’s career choices.

There are even many occasions where trade industry ties are often broken as family business longevity is lost.

It is known that trade services are always needed and that customers are highly dependable on expertise and trained professionals, so if you plan to become a plumber, you need to become a one that will be often called due to its professionalism.

Plumbers are installing piping used for medical gas, drinking water, and sewer piping systems, and as these are very serious tasks, they need to be better than average.

Even though many people think that the job of a plumber is somewhat beneath other professions,  this is quite wrong.

A job in plumbing is an important career path, and due to the lack of plumbers these days, they have never been in such high demand.

That is the reason why so many companies are offering great salaries, on the job training, and company perks in order to retain their existing team.

As there is a shortage of plumbers, our suggestion is that if you are in need of a plumber, it is very important to first do detailed research and only then decide for competent professionals to help find a solution to your plumbing problem.

The company which is customer-centered, on time, and within budget, and all this data can be found out from previous customers’ reviews, is definitely worth your consideration.

Another positive thing about a company is a friendly staff member on the phone to greet you when you give them a call and a competent trained expert who will come to your home to fix the problem.

Future Plumbing Industry Initiatives

High schools are starting to organize, in association with community colleges some accredited apprentice programs.

These programs will be a better solution than just learning the trade on location.

But hands-on experience is also very important in order to truly understand the scope of the profession.

With these programs in the future, plumbing companies can ramp up inspiring talent, provide apprenticeships for the chance to experience daily plumbing tasks, while on the other hand, student apprentice workers will be able to bring innovation in technology advancements to share with their team.

It is significant to know that when you start looking for a reliable Plumber in the Metro Detroit area, you should seek out a company that meets the following criteria:

  • Experience and trusted
  • Swift and timely on deliverables
  • Up-to-date on industry trends and standards
  • Customer-centered
  • Skilled when it comes to the latest tools, technology, and equipment
  • Focused on quality
  • Proactive and resourceful
  • Efficient

Good Plumbers with Integrity and Accessibility

So as to be sure that the job will be done well, you should look for reputable plumbing companies.

They will hold current professional certifications, insurance, and license so make sure they are able to present these documents if you ask them to.

Once you call the office to schedule an appointment, they will be ready to resolve an issue and plumbers t will stay on routine calls until all your questions are addressed.

They will be available for 24/7 urgent circumstances.

Plumbing Solutions

Due to a decrease in qualified plumbers in the industry, numerous people decide to look for resources that can help them learn how to do everything themselves, as well as plumbing.

But, they need to have in mind that with plumbing problems, there are numerous difficulties that may come into your way.

What often looks like a simple pipe fix, turns out to be a more complex problem.

So, if you have a more complex issue, our suggestion is to call a plumbing company, especially if you need plumbing service on restoration projects or older homes.

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